I am extremely proud of the services provided to all the wonderful families we have served and still serving to this very day.  THANK YOU for the laughter, fun and the especially the MUSIC!  God bless you all!

“It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Kitrael. He is not only our child’s music teacher
but also a dear friend. Dara went through two music teachers. One in New York, and another when
we moved to Ohio. While she loves music, she did not like how she was taught. It was difficult to get
her to practice. Kitrael was brought in upon recommendation from a friend at work. Since then,
there has been a constant flow of music and smiles from Dara. She does not need reminding to
practice as it is now absolutely fun for her to play. She has also taken up the drums and guitar
because of Kitrael. Kitrael’s method of teaching is completely different from any other music
teacher that we have come across. He is so patient and his enthusiasm and love for music
has been a blessing for our daughter.”

Cora. L


“I noticed that my son started to develop new skills quickly and effectively… because of Kitrael’s positive
approach. I recommend to anyone that the children will gain benefits under Kitrael’s teaching.”

Mary W.


“By nature, I am a shy individual. Nevertheless, Kitrael’s patience and understanding has made
me feel very comfortable, thus allowing me to learn and enjoy the piano.”

Elsa C.

“Allison was a new student… through Kitraael’s enthusiasm and love of music, she performed in the first recital after only six lessons! Kitrael gave my daughter the tools necessary to play and feel confident at age 10 with her six weeks of experience. He is fun to have in our home, respectful of our time and a joy for Allison.”
Tracy F.


“Mr. Chin has made it a priority that Lauren love playing rather than just learning the music.
He has introduced other rhythm instruments to help Lauren understand and develop rhythm.
And he has utilized contemporary music she likes to illustrate his lesson. Unlike
other teachers, he is less interested in pushing along just to learn song after song.
He is more interested in allowing the child to embrace and understand the music.”

Sandra P.


“Kitrael has been a Musical Blessing, bringing the sounds of voice, piano and guitar back to our home.
As my son became a teenager, he lost interest in music but with Kitrael’s eclectic and energetic
approach, Mason is now creating his own music and enjoying the classics as well. My preteen daughter
has found her voice and will be performing a duet at the Snow Flake assembly this winter.”

Lisa R.


“I would highly recommend Kitrael Chin as a music teacher. He teaches all four of my children,
and they all look forward to him coming over every week. He tailors my children’s lessons
around their varying tastes (which often coincide with the latest movie theme song), and he has tons
of patience with them. And because he can play so many instruments himself, he is able to
accommodate any additions they’ve wanted to make to their basic piano lessons – guitar,
trumpet, voice, etc. With Kitrael, talent and compassion combine and I’ve felt very comfortable
leaving my family’s musical education in his very capable hands.”

Jane M.